Tear Drop Construction

Construction  photos on the Tear Drop trailer.  The Trailer is from Harbor Freight..  If you are going to used the same trailer it will be a good idea to have some help in building it.  The hard part was getting it squared.  The plans called for using a bar clamp.  Instead I used a tie down strap to pull the trailer square.

Finally got it all squared up after a few hours, just before the sand storm hit.  No sandy required after the sand blasting form the storm.  Next step will be painting the trailer black.  Like black instead of red...

8 ' Cubby Tear Drop Trailer

Where is that cross member

It started getting to hot to work outside, moved in to the garage...

A lot cooler here

The next step is to square it up.

HF Trailer hitch cut off and 2" square weilded on

Testing new 2" standard hitch

Another view

View of HF trailer with deck frame clamp on

Front view of HF trailer with deck frame

Back view of HF trailer with deck frame

Checking the alinement of the Deck to frame

Laying out screw holes on the Deck

First coat of Black emulsion

Another view form front

Back view with 3/4 ply for spare tire

Have the deck on saw horses to apply the glue to the trailer.

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